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Title Authors Conference
The Generalized Confidence Constraint Guillaume Perez, Steve Malalel, Gael Glorian, Victor Jung, Alexandre Papadopoulos, Marie Pelleau, Wijnand Suijlen, Jean-Charles Régin,Arnaud Lallouet AAAI 2023
Reducing adverse impacts of Amazon hydropower expansion Alexander S Flecker, Qinru Shi, Rafael M Almeida, Héctor Angarita, Jonathan M Gomes-Selman, Roosevelt García-Villacorta, Suresh A Sethi, Steven A Thomas, N LeRoy Poff, Bruce R Forsberg, Sebastian A Heilpern, Stephen K Hamilton, Jorge D Abad, Elizabeth P Anderson, Nathan Barros, Isabel Carolina Bernal, Richard Bernstein, Carlos M Cañas, Olivier Dangles, Andrea C Encalada, Ayan S Fleischmann, Michael Goulding, Jonathan Higgins, Céline Jézéquel, Erin I Larson, Peter B McIntyre, John M Melack, Mariana Montoya, Thierry Oberdorff, Rodrigo Paiva, Guillaume Perez, Brendan H Rappazzo, Scott Steinschneider, Sandra Torres, Mariana Varese, M Todd Walter, Xiaojian Wu, Yexiang Xue, Xavier E Zapata-Ríos, Carla P Gomes Science 2022
Efficient Projection Algorithms onto the Weighted l1 Ball Guillaume Perez, Sebastian Ament, Carla Gomes, Michel Barlaud Artificial Intelligence 2022
A filtered bucket-clustering method for projection onto the simplex and the l1 ball Guillaume Perez, Michel Barlaud, Lionel Fillatre, Jean-Charles Régin Mathematical Programming Series A (2019-2020)
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions of Amazon hydropower with strategic dam planning Rafael M Almeida, Qinru Shi, Jonathan M Gomes-Selman, Xiaojian Wu, Yexiang Xue, Hector Angarita, Nathan Barros, Bruce R Forsberg, Roosevelt García-Villacorta, Stephen K Hamilton, John M Melack, Mariana Montoya, Guillaume Perez, Suresh A Sethi, Carla P Gomes, Alexander S Flecker Nature communications (2019)
Extending the Capacity of 1/f Noise Generation Guillaume Perez, Brendan Rappazzo, Carla Gomes CP 2018
Objective-Based Search Strategies Anthony Palmieri, Guillaume Perez CP 2018
Parallel Algorithms for Operations on Multi-valued Decision Diagrams Guillaume Perez, Jean-Charles Régin AAAI 2018
An Efficient Relaxed Projection Method for Constrained Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Application to the Phase-Mapping Problem in Materials Science Junwen Bai, Sebastian Ament, Guillaume Perez, John Gregoire, Carla Gomes CPAIOR 2018
MDDs: Sampling and Probability Constraints Guillaume Perez, Jean-Charles Régin CP 2017
MDDs are Efficient Modeling Tools: An Application to some Statistical Constraintss Guillaume Perez, Jean-Charles Régin CPAIOR 2017
Soft and Cost MDD Propagators Guillaume Perez, Jean-Charles Régin AAAI 2017
Enforcing Structure on Temporal Sequences: The Allen Constraint Pierre Roy, Guillaume Perez, Jean-Charles Régin, Alexandre Papadopoulos, François Pachet, Marco Marchini CP 2016
Compact-Table: Efficiently Filtering Table Constraints with Reversible Sparse Bit-Sets Jordan Demeulenaere, Renaud Hartert, Christophe Lecoutre, Guillaume Perez, Laurent Perron, Jean-Charles Régin, Pierre Schaus CP 2016
Constructions and In-place Operations for MDDs Based Constraints Guillaume Perez, Jean-Charles Régin CPAIOR 2016
Efficient Operations On MDDs For Building Constraint Programming Models Guillaume Perez, Jean Charles Régin IJCAI 2015
Improving GAC-4 for Table and MDD based constraints Guillaume Perez, Jean Charles Régin CP 2014
A Filtered Bucket-Clustering Method for Projection onto the simplex and the l_1 ball Guillaume Perez, Michel Barlaud, Lionel Fillatre, Jean Charles Régin GRETSI 2017
Amélioration des opérations sur MDD pour la création de modèle Guillaume Perez, Jean Charles Régin JFPC 2016
Relations entre MDDs et Tuples et Modifications dynamique de contraintes MDDs Guillaume Perez, Jean Charles Régin JFPC 2015
Vers des interfaces graphiques flexibles de configurations Simon Urli, Guillaume Perez,
Heytem Zitoun, Mireille Blay-Fornarino,
Philippe Collet, Philippe Renevier
JLDP 2012

Tutorial on Combinatorial Generation

Event: 2018 Doctoral Consortium on Computational Sustainability

Location: Cornell university

Slides (PDF)
Exercises session python notebook (and HTML version)

In this tutorial, we discuss some combinatorial generation problems, analyze some complexities and design solving methods, from standalone to advance modeling tools, passing by models using classic solver's frameworks.

PhD thesis: Decision Diagrams: Constraints and Algorithms

Advisor: Jean-Charles Régin

I3S laboratory - Sophia Antipolis, France

My PhD Thesis - Defended 29th September 2017

Poster 2016
The three parts of my thesis are described below.